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Descubre / Gastronomy

Enjoy Mediterranean cuisine with touches of Author .. Enjoy the quality and experience of Huerto del Cura Group.

In Hotel Jardín Milenio and Restaurant La Taula we have a wide variety of cared dishes, we have been perfecting in our more than forty years of experience offering happy moments. The best of the orchard and the sea, the expert hands of our chefs and our constant pursuit of innovations that surprise you, make our gastronomic proposal one of the most appreciated in the Costa Blanca.

Our Rice will surprise you, the special techniques with which they elaborate it and the love we put into every moment, make rice that combine to create the most deep-rooted traditions in rice production, with new techniques that have incorporated the expert chefs. Try them and tell us your opinion.

Meats and Fish, are selected for their quality and freshness, and care by our team to retain their top properties when serving to your table.

A careful selection of wines, from traditional classics to the latest developments with which it we have been surprised, are at your disposal to pair the flavors of the best dishes, with perfect wine for your enjoyment. Ask our Maitres and let recommending, for each course, there is a perfect wine.

Enjoy the gastronomy of Hotel Jardín Milenio at your own way:

* Executives menus with two dishes, drink and dessert at the Bar of the Milenio. Our product care available to you at any time, and at a very affordable price.

* Special menus and tasting at La Taula del Milenio: from 18 Euros, enjoy our cared menus… Mediterranean, grilled or tasting. Design your menus tailored to the tastes and needs of your guests.

* Family Sundays at La Taula del Milenio: A perfect opportunity to taste our traditional rice with family, playroom for children and Chill Out for you.

* Events Menu: Each year, we make a selection of dishes, which incorporate news and creations resulting from continuous improvement in which we work. Letter requesting Events and choose the dishes that you like each season.

Enjoy excellent Mediterranean cuisine at Hotel Jardín Milenio, with all the guarantees of Huerto del Cura Group. More than 40 years as host of your happy days.

The selection of the best raw materials is our specialty. A delicious dish is created from a high quality product with the expert hands of our chefs. The best meats, fish, rice, vegetables of the earth … are the basis of our dishes, lovingly prepared for you, unique gastronomic pampering prepared to your liking.

Check our menu and select your favorite foods, prepare them with our best do and love to savor it to your liking.

Enjoy the best Mediterranean gastronomy with Huerto del Cura Group. More than 40 years making our guests happy.